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Welcome to Quick start guide !
In this Quick start guide, we explain basic Cloud Automator use of taking Amazon EC2 instance back-up in simple 5 steps .

Sign Up

  1. For free trial, please access to and sign up page by clicking "Trial for free" button__________2019-08-05_10_58_41.png
  2. Entering necessary information and confirm "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use"__________2019-08-05_11_25_50.png
  3. The e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Please complete the registration by accessing URL in the e-mail.__________2019-08-05_11_33_28.png
  4. After completion of registration, the confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

Sign In

  1. Access to and goto sign in page by clicking "Sign In" button__________2019-08-05_11_36_00.png
  2. Enter registered email address and password for sign in.__________2019-08-05_11_36_57.png
  3. Successful sign in will show you "Group Information" page__________2019-08-05_11_38_13.pngThis conclude signed up and signed in to Cloud Automator. Let's register the AWS account credentials in Cloud Automator .
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