Timer Trigger

What is "Timer Trigger" ?

The job will be executed accordingly to customer's specified time. The time and cycle (one time, weekly, or monthly) need to be specified.

Setting options

Item Explanation
hour / Minutes Set the hour and minute to execute the job
One time Select when you want to execute the job only once. Enter execution date.
Weekly Selec when you want to execute the job weekly on a designated day.
Monthly Select when you want to execute the job monthly on a fixed date. When the month does not have designated date, the job will be skipped.
Not to executed Action when it is on Japanese national holidays Select the check-box when you want to skip the job, if desingated day/date is on a Japanese national holidays.
Timezone Setting timezone for job execution.

How to use "Timer Trigger"

  1. Click "Make job" from "JobAutomation" in the side menu
  2. Select "Group"
  3. Select "Timer Trigger"
  4. Specify Trigger condition. Following example is showing, the setting of the Job to be executed weekly at 4:10pm on Monday through Friday and skip when the date is on the national holiday.
  5. Rest of the setting needs to be configured based on the job you want to operate.

Operation check

  1. Click the log button for the job, after the time specified by the Timer Trigger
  2. Click the Job name of the exution log from the execution log list.
  3. Confirm the result from the log detail. If it shows "Success", then the designated job had been executed successfully. If it shows "Running", then the job is currently executing so please check after a while.
  4. Now the operation of the Timer Trigger is confirmed.
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