What is an Activity?

An Activity is the unit in which Cloud Automator operates your AWS resources.

For example, suppose your environment has three EC2 instances, two of which are "stopped" and one of which is "running" state.

If these three EC2 instances are specified in the tag and "EC2: Start instance" action Job is run, Cloud Automator will only operate the two instances which are the "stopped" state, so the activity will be counted as "2" . * Even it is just one Job, the number of Activities for EC2 instances which were operated will be counted.



How to check Activity for each job

To know how the Activity is calculated for each job, access the log details screen and check the number of Activity consumption.


How to check Activity for the current month

The number of activities recorded during the current month can be confirmed by signing in with the "owner" account user type and check usage at the top menu.



When the number of activity executions reaches the upper limit during the month

The number of activities that can be used in a month varies from plan to plan. Please check the usage charge page for the maximum number of activity for each service plan .

When the number of activity executions for the current month reaches the upper limit, subsequent jobs will not work. If you want to run a job even if the number of activity executions reaches the upper limit, turn on "Execute the job even if the activity overruns" in the following procedure. * The activity unit price, set for each plan, will be charged separately.


  1. Click Plan change under "Others" at the side menu__________2019-10-08_18_43_51.png
  2. Click Run Job even if activity limit is reached__________2019-10-08_18_45_03.png
  3. Click OK on the confirmation screen__________2019-10-08_18_46_00.png
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