About number of Activity

Cloud Automator has a restriction for a number of activities for each plan.

Frequently asked questions about number of Activity upper limits

What happens if the activity upper limit is exceeded

For the initual setup, the setting of “Execute the job even if the activity overruns ” is set to "OFF" (default value). Once the upper limit is reached, the Job will no longer be executed.

If you want to run Jobs even when it exceeds the upper limit, set “Execute the job even if the activity overruns ” at the Plan Change screen to "ON" and either pay the excess fee or if it will continue to exceed the limit in the future, please consider changing to a higher-level service plan.


What happens if a Job that would exceeds the upper limit during its execution when "Execute the job even if the activity overruns " is "Off" ?


If there is a Job that stops desgnated EC2 instance with a specific tag and there are 10 instances that meet the conditions, 10 activities will be consumed when this Job is executed.

When this Job is executed and the remaining activities is 8 to reach the upper limit, the questioned situation would occurs.

Even if a Job that is likely to exceed the activity upper limit is executed when "Execute the job even if the activity overruns " is set to "OFF", the corresponding Job will be executed normally. (Jobs after that will not be executed)

In this case, “activity overruns” will be displayed on the screen, but when setting of “Run Job even if the activity limit is reached” is "OFF", then you won’t be charged for the excess activities.

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