Audit Log

Audit Log is a record of operation information of Cloud Automator. User with "Owner" or "Admin" privileges can download operation logs as CSV files with two character code (UTF-8 or Shift_JIS). It is recommended to use Shift_JIS file when using Windows Excel.

It records automatically when you perform specific operations.

Refer to the following"List of operation types" for designated operations.

Only the "Owner" or "Admin" can download the operation log.

How to use

  1. Move to Operation log screen from "Downloads" menuoperating-log01.png
  2. Two download buttons are displayed for each character code, and you can download the user_audit_logs.csv file by clicking those.operating-log02.png

CSV file format

The CSV file, which can be downloaded, has following formats.

Item name Contents
Created at Date and time of operation
E-mail Email address of the user who performed the operation
Action Action information. See below table for the detail.
Group name Group to which the target resource of the opration belongs to.
Subject Type Trype of targeted operation. If it is job, then "TriggerJob"
Subject ID ID of targeted operation. If it is job, then "Job ID"
Subject Name Name of targeted operation. If it is job, then "Job name"
Channel Channel. Management console is using web. If it is through API, then api. If it is empty, then it is due to data maintenance etc...
IP Address Connection source that performed the operation
Request ID ID that identifies the operation. When multiple resources are operated by one operation, the same request ID may be obtained by multiple records

List of operation types

Operation name Content
job.created Job creation
job.updated Job updated
job.destroyed Job delete
job.activated Activate Job
job.deactivated Disable job
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