WorkSpaces List feature


WorkSpaces List feature

The WorkSpaces list feature allows you to download your WorkSpaces list in CSV format by region basis.

As the number of WorkSpaces user increases, the number of pages on the AWS Management Console will increase as well as more effort will be required to confirm detailed information.

By using this feature to download a list of detailed WorkSpaces information in CSV format, you can easily manage your WorkSpaces and perform data tabulation at your command.

Note : This feature can be used when you use Business plan or higher. (Not available if you are using PRO plan)


How to use

The following procedures are necessary to use this function.

  1. Set the user permission for this feature to group members
  2. Execute file creation at WorkSpaces list creation window
  3. Receive notification for completion of file creation
  4. Download at the screen


  1. Set permission for Group members

    Group management for details about granting permission.


  2. Execute file creation at WorkSpaces list creation window

    Access the WorkSpaces list page.


    By selecting the target group, AWS account, and region, the WorkSpaces list will be created.
    (* This process may take some time)


  3. Receive notification for completion of file creation

    Once the file creation is completed, the email is sent to the user who processed the file creation.


  4. Download WorkSpaces list from the window__________2020-04-09_13_18_11.png

CSV items

The following information are included in the CSV which can be obtained by the WorkSpaces list function.

Item Explanation
workspace_id WorkSpace ID
user_name WorkSpace user
compute_type_name Computing type of WorkSpace bundle
bundle_name Bundle name used in WorkSpace
running_mode WorkSpace execution mode
root_volume_size_gib Root volume size
user_volume_size_gib User volume size
state Status
directory_alias Organization name
last_known_user_connection_timestamp Connection date and time of the last active user
tags Tag set in WorkSPace. Key:value separated by space

AWS API to be used in this action

The following AWS APIs were used for execution of the action. Please note that the AWS account under which you run the action must have an IAM policy, which enables to run these APIs, attached.

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