About EBS Back-up Check


This feature is to periodically checks whethre a back-up (snapshot) of the EBS volume in the cutstomer's AWS environment has been obtained and notifies the customer fo the check result

With thi sfeature, it provides "awareness" when you forgot to take an EBS back-up. This will ensure that regular back-ups are taken and lead to reduce the risk of data loss.
You can easily take regular back-ups by using the operation job of the Cloud Automator

Specifically, we provide following functions

  • (Once a day) Check the back-up (snapshot) status of the EBS resides in the AWS account registered to Cloud Automator. You can check the result in the Cloud Automator web page
  • (Once a week) We will notify you by email in case there is an EBS that has not been backed up for a certain period of time


How to use

Confirm the check result from console screen

  1. Access the EBS back-up check result page
  2. Select the AWS account you want to verify
  3. Based on the check results, a list of volumes recommended for taking back-up will be displayed
    EBS volumes which have not been taken the snapshot for more than 7 days are displayed as recommended back-up volumes
  4. From the tab a tthe top, you can also go to the list screen showing the volumes that back-ups have been taken and the volumes that were failed to check


Recieving check result via email

If your registered AWS account has a "recommended backup volume", we will notify you via email on a regular basis.

Emails are only sent to users in the group which only associated to your AWS account

Example of the email notification



Configuring not to check AWS account

EBS back-up check is set to run by default when you create an AWS account. To set so that the check on the AWS account is not to be executed, follow the steps below from the "Group Settings"

  1. Select "Do not check" in the "EBS back-up check" select box
  2. Click the update button at the bottom of the screen



For Group setting detail, please refer following manual.


Configuration not to receive email notification

EBS back-up check email notifications are sent to all users by default. To prevent email notifications, please follow the steps below


  1. Move to the "Account Settings" screen from the upper right side of the console screen
  2. Uncheck "Receive" in the email reception settings
  3. Click update

In addition, the owner of the organization and the administrator of the group can also manage the email reception setting of the users associated to the group or organization from "User Management" 

Please alos refer to the following manuals for Account settings and User management

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