I received an email notification of the EBS backup check result. Do I need to do anything ?

Cloud Automator provides EBS backup check feature.

EBS backup check ?

This feature checks the EBS backup status and if there is an EBS volume which snapshots have not been taken for more 7days or more, we notify cusotmer by sending the following email once a week basis.

EBS Backup Check result notification


The following EBS is recommended to take backup using Cloud Automtaor.
(Number of EBS Volume which snapshot has not been taken for more than 7 days)

Group: test
- AWS Account: TEST AWS Account (1volumes)

Taking these backups can reduce the risk of data loss. For details, please check the following manual.

You can check the latest backup status from the following.
Manual for EBS Backup Check

Verify volume which is recommended to take backup

Use the Cloud Automator web console screen to see which volume snapshots were not taken.

  1. From the side menu, click EBS Backup Check
  2. You will be transfered to check result screen for each AWS account, so click the recommended backup volume
  3. You can see which volumes are recommended to take backup. In this case, the EBS volume surrounded by the red frame has not been taken a snapshot for more than 7 days.

The case you don't need to take backup

Based on the previous steps, we were able to confirm which EBS volume was not taken a backup. When designated EBS volume is not required to take backup (when there is no problem even the snapshot has been taken for more than 7 days), you don't need to do anything.

When you want to stop the EBS backup check or stop the email notification, you can setup, by referring to the manual, to stop EBS backup check as well as email notification.


When backup is necessary

If you want to take snapshots of the EBS volume, which was verified in above process, on a regular basis, you can use Cloud Automator to automatically take snapshots.

Take periodicaly snapshot by using Cloud Automator

  1. Click "Create job" from the side menu of the Cloud Automator.
  2. To take snapshots on a regular basis, select "Timer trigger".
  3. For trigger condition, I checked all dates of the week so that it will be executed everyday. Please adjust this condition according to your backup policy and use case. For example, if there is no problem with taking backup once a week, please select only one of the date.
  4. For action, please select "EC2: Create EBS snapshot". For AWS account, pleas select the acount where the targeted EBS volume exists.
  5. Next, set the parameter for action. Select the targeted EBS volume, which you confirmed ealier to take backup. If there are multiple EBS volumes, it is recommended to add a tag and set the parameter of "Volume with a specific tag"
  6. Lastly, set the post process and create job by entering specific name.

With above steps, you have successfully set up a job to take snapshot of EBS volumes on a regular basis.

For more detailed parameter setting, please refer to the following manual.


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