What is post-process

It is a process to notify the result when "Execution of Job" or "Evaluation of policy set" is completed.You can select whether the process can be used for all groups (e-mail only) or only for the specified group. Currently, the notification methods are available via email, SQS, and webhooks.

Depending on the success or failure of the Job execution and policy evaluation, multiple post-processing can be assigned to each of the result.

When creating and editing a job, and creating and editing a policy set, you can select a match from the following post-processing provided by Cloud Automator.

Name of the post-process Explanation
E-mail post-process Send an e-mail to the specified address
Slack post-process Send a message to the specified Slack channel
SQS post-process Send a message to the specified SQS queue
Webhook post-process Send a POST request to the specified URL
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