Email post-processing


E-mail post-processing is a feature to send an e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the customer after executing the job or policy evaluation.
By setting which e-mail post-processing will be used when creating or editing each job or policy in advance, the e-mail post-processing will be automatically called according to the execution of the job or the evaluation of the policy.

Cofiguration item

Item Explanation
Post-processing name Enter a name for the post-processing
Group Select in which group the post-processing will be created. Only email post-processing is supported for group universal setting.
Service Select the method to notify by post-processing. Please select E-mail.
Email address Enter Email address for notification

Email to be sent

Item Explanation
Subject When Job successed :[Cloud Automator] Job Report:Completed [Job name]
When Job failed :
[Cloud Automator] Job Report:Failed [Job name]
Body The contents changer depending on the trigger. When you execute the "EC2: Create AMI" action using a timer trigger, the following email will be sent.
Following Job has been executed.

Group Name

AWS Account development-account Name daily-backup Action EC2: Create AMI Trigger Timer Trigger Trigger Job ID 123 Trigger Job Log ID 123456789 ------------------------------------------------------------ Execution Date
2020-04-23 21:52:02 +0900 Finish Date
2020-04-23 21:57:09 +0900 Status
completed ------------------------------------------------------------ Option Once 2020/4/24 19:00 Image Name test-backup Description
%Y%m%d%H%M Generation for create resource
7 generation Reboot Instance No Instance ID
i-abcd1234 ------------------------------------------------------------ Completed Resources (More: ) i-abcd1234 -> ami-4321dcba Skipped Resources No resources Failed Resources No resources ============================================================ ------------------------------------------ ---------- # For inquiries about Cloud Automator, please contact us from following
web site or kindly e-mail to us. Mail: For more information about Cloud Autometor, follow our Twitter and Facebook, or
visit our official blog. Twitter: (@CloudAutomator) Facebook: Blog: # About us Serverworks 2nd Fl. Iidabash Masumoto Bld, 1-21 Ageba-cho
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0824 JAPAN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Configuration example

  1. Open the "Add post process" menu from the post processing settings at the side menu.
  2. Enter the basic information and email notification settings as shown below, and click Add.

This completes the creation of the Email post processing.

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