Tagging EC2 instances

Cloud Automator allows you to specify taget which you can operate using Job function based on resource ID or Tag.
When specified by the Resource ID, the operation taget can be limited, but when specified by the Tag, there is an advantage that multiple EC2 instances can be operated together.
In this step, we will introduce the process of tagging EC2 instances to be backed up.

Tagging EC2 Instance

In this configuration example, we apply "environment" as Tag key and "production" as Tag value for both of the two EC2 instances running in the AWS account.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management console and access to EC2
  2. Access "Tag" menu and click "Manage Tags"
  3. Select two running EC2 instances and enter Tag key as well as Tag value. Then click "Add Tag".
  4. Confirm the EC2 instances are tagged

This conclude tagging EC2 instances. Let's create a Job using Cloud Automator.

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