Check Auto job execution operation

We have registered a job to automate back-up operation to Cloud Automator based on previous steps. Let's confirm the job execution as well as created AMI as a final step in this quide.

Confirm Auto job execution at Cloud Automator

First, verify whether Auto job has been executed by Cloud Automator. Please check after the scheduled execution time which was set in the "Timer Trigger".

  1. Clock log button for the Auto Job which you created in Cloud Automator console screen.
  2. Click "Detail" at the designated excuted log from the "Log List"
  3. Confirm whethre the result is "Success" on the log detail screen
  4. You can check the resource ID of the source EC2 instance and the resource ID of the acquired AMI by clicking "Detail" butoon in AWS Resource Operation Result screen.

Verify the created AMI using AWS Management Console

Next, verify the created AMI using AWS Management console

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and access to EC2
  2. Open AMI menu and confirm that AMI has been created
  3. The created AMI has both "Tag" used at Cloud Automator for management and "Tag" specified in the Auto Job.

This completes the confirmation of the AMI created by Cloud Automator Auto job.
This conclude Quick Start Guide, but there are many other Triggers and Actions options in Cloud Automator, so please make use of them for automate the operations.

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