User Management

A user is a unit of people operating on Cloud Automator. Users can view and create policy sets within linked groups. Users can belong to multiple groups and can set the permission level for each group.

If the user type is "Admin" or "Owner", you can manage the user.

What is User type

Cloud Automator has three types of users. Each type of user can do the following : There is only one owner in the Cloud Automator account.

Type Description

View/Create/Edit/Delete Jobs

View/Create/Edit/Delete policy sets

View/Create/Edit/Delete Post process

Admin User management/Group management in addition to Member authority,

Addition to Admin authority, you can

Edit organization information

Change plan Unsubscribe

How to manage user

Add user

  1. Click Add user in the side menu"Users"manage-user-en01.png
  2. Enter account information, user profile, language setting and click Add
    No Item Description
    1 E-mail This e-mail address will be used to sign in. When you add a user, a initial setting e-mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address.
    2 User type Display the user type
    3 API Access Specifies whether the user, to be added, is permitted to use Cloud Automator's API
    Department Enter department information for adding user
    5 Title Enter title of the adding user
    6 Full Name Enter name of the adding user
    7 Languages  Specifies the language which adding user will be used
    8 Time zone  Specifies the time zone for adding user
  3. The created user can't perform operations such as creating a job unless you associated he/she to a specific group. Associate created user, created using "Group management" to the group.
  4. The default email will be sent to the specified email address, so please access to the link in the email and complete the initial setup.

User list

  1. it will be displayed when you click user list at side menu user management.manage-user-en03.png
  2. Click Deactivated users tab to display suspended usersmanage-user-en04.png

Edit User

  1. Click User list in the side menu "Users" manage-user-en05.png
  2. Click edit icon of the targeted user for editingmanege-user-en06.png
  3. The following items can be edited at Basic Information tab
    No Item Description
    1 E-mail Change the email address used to sign in
    2 User type Display the user type
    3 API Access Display user's permission to use Cloud Automator API
    4 Profile image Change user's profile picture
    5 Department Change the department which the user belongs
    6 Title Change the title of the user
    7 Full Name Change user's name
    8 Languages Change the language used by the userYou can edit the following items in the account management tab
    9  Time zone Change the time zone for existing user
  4. You can edit the following items in the account management tab
    No Item Description
    1 Password reset Rest the password used to sign in
    2 Two Factor Authentication Set up two-factor authentication for sign-in
    3 API key settings Configure a key to use for API access
    4 Account status Change account status
  5. Associated Group list tab let you see the group list which the user is associated with.manage-user-en09.png
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