Setting two-factor authentication


Modern web applications can combine not only username/password but also multiple authentication method for sign-in.

We will guide you through how to setup in this manual using Google Authenticator, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

User types who can use this feature

Member Admin Owner

Setup procedure

  1. Install Google Authenticator
    The first step is to install Google Authenticator.
    Install Google Authenticator on your smartphone from the link listed below
  2. Enable tow-factor authentication settings at Cloud Automator
    Click Account Settings in the navigation menutwo-facer01.png
    Click the Account Management tabtwo-facer02.png
    When you click "Enable", the QR code will be displayed as shown below. Please scan with the Google Authenticator, which you installed earlier.two-facer03.png
    Once the scan is complete, enter 6 digits verification code displayed on the Google Authenticator and click "Enable".two-facer09.png
    If it shows like this (below), then the setting of two-factor authentication is completed.two-facer04.png

with two-factor authentication

When you enable two-factor authentication, you will be asked for verification code as follows, after entering your username/password when you sign-in.

Enter the verification code displayed at Google Authenticator here.two-facer05.png

When disabling two-factor authentication

When you want to disable two-factor authentication, click "Disable" at the account setting screen.two-facer06.png

Check the displayed content, check the check box and click "Disable".two-facer07.png

If it shows like this (below), then the disabling two-factor authentication is completed.two-facer08.png

If you lost your smartphone used for two-factor authentication

Please contact following e-mail address for support.

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