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This page describes about how to setup a credit card payment.


  • We offer a "Trial" plan and "Paid" plans
  • You (or your organization) can setup an Organization in Cloud Automator
  • When you sign-up, you will be automatically subscribed for "Trial" plan at first
  • To upgrade to "Paid" plan, you are required to register a credit card information for the pyement method
  • After upgraded to "Paid" plan, you will be charged 1st business day of an each month, based on your previous month usage
  • You will be able to upgrade or downgrade the "Paid" plan at anytime.
  • You will be able to close(delete) your Cloud Automator account

Plan Options

We offer a "Trial" plan and "Paid" plans.

Trial Plan

After signed-up, your organization starts with a "Trial" plan. Under this plan, you can use full features until end of next month (e.g. If you signed-up on Sep.10th, then you can use full features until Oct.31st).

After trial period expires, your account will be locked and all jobs won't be executed. In this state, you can only manage a payment method and upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid Plan

Cloud Automator offers 3 paid plans (See Pricing page for details).

  • Pro Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade the plans at anytime.

NOTICE: Since we don't offer any proration (adjustment) for the charge, you will be charged based on a new plan which you have selected on a next billing date.

Upgrading to Paid Plan

Before upgrading, you need to do:

  1. Enter your Organization information at Others > Organization settings page
  2. Enter credit card information at Others > Billing page


Then, you can upgrade to "Paid" plan at Plan setting page:

  1. Click Your avatar icon on a top right side of the page
  2. Click the orange Change Plan button
  3. Click the Change to this plan button at the available Plan


After upgrade, you can use new Plan immediately.

If you upgraded to Paid plan from Trial plan before expiration of the trial period, we won't charge until the trial period expires. For example, when you sign-up on Sep.7th (the Trial period will be expired on Oct.31st) and upgraded to Pro plan on Sep.15th, we don't charge the usage within September and October.

Managing Your Subscription

You can upgrade or downgrade the plans at anytime.

To Cancel Your Subscription

  1. You must be an Owner of the Organization
  2. Delete your Organization
    1. Open Others > Organization settings
    2. Click the Delete your account link at bottom right corner of the page
    3. Verify account deletion notification
    4. Enter current your (Owner) password
    5. Click the red Delete your account button

When you delete your Organization, we will create a final invoice and charge it immediately. The final invoice is based on usage of current billing month and current Paid plan.

Managing Your Billing Details

As an organization's Owner, you can view or change your subscription plan and add or edit the credit card information by going to Others > Billing.

Payment Method

To add your credit card information, click the Add credit card button in the Billing page. Fill out the form with your information and click Save button.

To update your credit card information, click the Change credit card button in the Billing page. Fill out the form with your information and click Save button.


NOTE: You can find the CVC here (or How to find your credit card security code):


While you are subscribed to Paid plan, you can't delete your credit card information. If you want to do so, please cancel (delete) your Organization from Cloud Automator (You can update the credit card information anytime).

Pricing and Billing FAQ

Where can I get a copy of a past invoice or receipt?

Unfortunately, we don't offer invoice or receipt online. If you need it, please contact us.

Where can I check or update our Organization’s billing contact?

You can update your organization's billing contact information at Billing Contact Information section in the Others > Organization settings page.

How do I update my credit card?

If you’re an Organization owner, you can view or change the payment information in your account at any time by going to Others > Billing page.


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